Gourmet Food 


Slack's Jams


Jam, the preservation of fruits and berries, extends the enjoyment of Wisconsin's signature fruit crops throughout the long winter months. Use in glazes, baking, and cooking, as well as on the traditional PB&J sandwich.

Slack's of Lodi, Wisconsin, has been making Wisconsin's finest Jams and Jellies since 1954. Their is nothing about jam and jelly making that mother Ethel Slack and son Mark Slack do not know and have not mastered.


Item # Description Price
20980 Jam-Cranberry-Slack's-9.5 oz $5.00
21110 Jam-Strawberry-Slack's-9.5 oz $5.00
21114 Jam-Red Cherry-Slack's-9.5 oz $5.00
Gourmet Food Crafter: Slack's Lodi, Wisconsin


Uncle Phil's Mustard

Berlin, Wisconsin is home to Wisconsin Spice, Incorporated, where Phil and Beth Sass and crew have been specializing in spices and mustards for over 30 years.


Mustard is not extensively grown in Wisconsin; most of their raw material comes from Canada, in fact. Phil and Beth use good old fashioned Wisconsin ingenuity in crafting that raw stock into exceptionally tasty condiments.

Item # Description Price
21610 Mustard-Dijon-Uncle Phil's-10 oz $3.00
21620 Mustard-Honey-Uncle Phil's-10 oz $3.00
21640 Mustard-Polish-Uncle Phil's-10 oz $3.00
21650 Mustard-Spicy Brown-Uncle Phil's-10 oz $3.00
21660 Mustard-Sweet & Sassy-Uncle Phil's-10 oz $3.00
Gourmet Food Crafter: Wisconsin Spice Berlin, Wisconsin


Bavaria Sausage Kitchen


The sausage makers at Bavaria Sausage Kitchen only know one way to make sausage, and that is the authentic German way. Family owned for over 50 years,  their products are hand-crafted in their certified facility on Madison's west side.

Item # Description Price
15360 Summer Sausage-Beef-Bavaria Sausage-12 oz $6.00
15370 Summer Sausage-Beef Salami-Bavaria Sausage-12 oz $6.00
Gourmet Food Crafter: Bavaria Sausage Kitchen Madison, WI


Willow Creek Apiaries Honey

Eating local honey can provide immunities over local allergens, in addition to the all natural sweetness to be added to your favorite cereals, toasts, and dishes. Willow Creek Apiaries is located in Potosi, Wisconsin.

Item # Description Price
20600 Honey-Willow Creek-12 oz $4.00
Gourmet Food Crafter: Willow Creek Apiaries Potosi, WI


Earl Krueger Wild Rice & Cranberries

From the far northern section of Wisconsin comes the traditional Indian harvest of wild rice, along with the newer bounty of the the state fruit: cranberries. Harvested by the Krueger family, these products typify harvest in Wisconsin and great fall eating.

Item # Description Price

Wild Rice-Manitowish Waters-8 oz


Fruit-Cranberries-Fresh-12 oz (frozen if shipped)

Gourmet Food Crafter: Earl Krueger based in Madison, WI